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2014 Camp VSIPP Recap

Feedback from the Ninth Annual VSIPP Conference indicates that we had another successful event. We had affirmative feedback in nearly every aspect of the conference. We heard from so many people that the conference was one of the best they had ever attended. It is because of the feedback from our attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors that we are able to provide these excellent programs and continue offering high standards of service and educational content.

I personally review every evaluation that is submitted and note improvements that need to be made. The following is a summary of the 2014 evaluations.

Gary Abeyta

Personal Goals Met?
Yes :: 95%
No :: 2.5%
Somewhat :: 2.5%

Suggestions for next year's conference:

Comments on Speakers

  • Someone on generational expectations/differences
  • More speakers from different industries
  • Roz was awesome Mimi was the best.
  • Some speakers were not engaging at all or topics were too basic
  • Would really love to hear Shawn again.
  • I really appreciated Shawn’s topics & would love more from him.
  • Economics in the U.S. the education bubble?
  • McVey – a more detailed presentation of his keynote

  • Comments on Seminars/Breakout Sessions:

  • More Q & A sessions. Roundtables. Open Discussions
  • More roundtables. Strategic planning (Hospital admin/CEO)
  • HR Missteps seems to a session people wanted more than two sessions
  • Sub-specialty sessions (i.e., IM/Neurology/Cardio, etc)
  • Multi-practice ownership management; more large or mega practice sessions
  • Practice sessions/roundtables discussing difficult topics.
  • I was disappointed in the quality of topics
  • Economics in the U.S. the education bubble? Is the market saturated?
  • Would love to learn about sharing ideas! A lecture on practice valuation. Team building ideas (not just that we should do it, but ideas, please)

  • How was the content of the program relevant to the practice of veterinary specialty medicine?
  • Assisted w/ strategic planning & recruiting talent
  • Very specific to a specialty and emergency practice
  • All speaking to current issues in the specialty industry. Spearheading initiatives (SOAP) that are relevant, valuable & overdue!
  • Geared to small animal hospitals
  • I felt it was appropriate/informative. I gained knowledge & good ideas which can be brought back to my practice.
  • No conference does it better
  • All relevant – esp. appreciate the “where are we going” in vet. med. topics.
  • Really helpful with the part of medicine we aren’t trained for
  • Business structuring, client outreach
  • Very specific financial/HR info addressing referral needs
  • Sessions were not specific to specialty medicine
  • Make notes available electronically
  • Helped to formulate plan to develop referral practice.
  • It would kind of help to differentiate talks between starting a specialty hospital and expanding a specialty hospital, rather than hospital size.
  • Great for administrators
  • Excellent
  • Most very relevant
  • Great conference again. Perfect mix of CE, networking and entertainment. Best CE for owners/managers there is.
  • This is the only conference I attend where there are others who do what I do.
  • Great HR info. Marketing too general. Would like more specifics so we can actually implement.
  • Really focused on business/management in veterinary practice
  • Overall great conference and heard only one or two people comment a speaker was poor.
  • Roundtables – long period of time for each topic (“Note taker/table moderator)
  • A little too much general practice data and discussion
  • Excellent

    What did you learn that you will put to use once
    you return to the office?

  • Social media
  • Better handle business metrics
  • HR issues/detailed job descriptions importance of running practice by the numbers
  • Traction
  • Net promoter score
  • Training suggestion, KPI & reporting to add to current policy
  • How to develop 501 (c) 3
  • Use financial reports differently
  • New techniques for social media promo & management
  • Milestones, branding
  • Keep pushing the client exp. is as imp. as the med
  • Better practice reporting – checks & balances
  • Branding
  • Behavioral interviewing, sharing financial info with staff & how to look at itv
  • Interviewing, employee performances, start up value, client/owner expectations, management skills
  • Too much!
  • HR practical approaches to recruiting, hiring, firing
  • Personal mission statement, update strategic plan w/CEO/staff
  • Marketing/outreach initiatives/several ideas related to fees, marketing management
  • Dashboards/scorecards
  • Core values, organization
  • Hiring practices, staff structuring
  • Calculating fees (this was a good talk), NPS
  • Tons! Re-evaluate and implement systems; revamp reviews and performance evals; strategic planning session was great

    Activities (Comments & Suggestions)
  • Love the way it is currently
  • Excellent
  • You always do great @ planning
  • Food truck thing was cool more group option would be nice
  • Perhaps more free time options rather than one event/night. Example, more opportunities to explore the area

    Additional Comments
  • Time between lectures longer
  • Great conference. Best I have attended in 30 years.
  • Crowded at times – no wi-fi, poor phone reception
  • Veggie options at meals
  • Getting better and better each year
  • Develop relationship with other large animal specialists
  • Onsite VSIPP staff and hotel very accommodating
  • Thank you! Another wonderful, motivating, fun educational conference with impeccable service & logistics
  • Time allocated for each session was perfect
  • Digital version of notes
  • I have not attended since 2005/2006. My practice growth is such that attending now I feel like I am back at square one. Need to re-evaluate mission & values relative to a decade of change! Thank you for inspiring me again!

  • Too many entry-level classes
  • Advanced marketing ideas
  • Budgets; more networking/roundtables
  • Would really like to see more group/panel discussions
  • Many of the talks are at too low a level for many of us

    Do you plan to attend the conference next year?
    Yes :: 80.5%
    No :: 8%
    Maybe :: 11.5%

    As many of you know, we have entertained the idea of changing the time period of the meeting. Well, off of the evaluations we have made the decision to continue to hold the conference in the first quarter of the year. We're currently looking at Southern California, New Orleans or Florida to host the meeting. Thanks for your input.